About Me

I have been in the training & program development field for financial services for over six years. My career started as customer service representative with a passion for teaching. Sharing my learning experiences with my coworkers and helping them achieve learning goals was a fulfilling experience for me. That experience sparked my passion for training in the banking industry.

I completed my Master’s of Education in Instructional Design from the University of Massachusetts (Boston) in August of 2020. I was lucky to participate in a program that allowed for immediate on the job practice. My ideas and processes have allowed me to change the way training is implemented at an organizational level and allowed for me to take on the role of Vice President within my current organization. I also hold a certification from ATD in the facilitation of learning for adults and Bachelor degrees from Salem State University in the fields of Elementary Education & Sociology.

My personal interests include snowboarding, talking/ drinking craft beer, writing songs/ playing them on my guitar and talking shop with my instructional design colleagues from various fields of study.

My Instructional Design Journey: